I was born in Bavaria, Germany in 1970. At the age of 23, I left Germany to travel and see the world. My first exploration into personal development and meditation was via Buddhism in 2001. I spent two years studying this approach until I came into contact with other Eastern traditions – Hatha and Ayurveda yoga- which led me to Kerala in India in order to delve deeper into their theory and practice. I also spent two years learning about shamanic medicine in Brazil and Uruguay.

In 2006, I met Samuel Sagan in Australia. He is the founder of the Clairvision international school of meditation, and also the person who developed the therapeutic methodology of Inner Space Techniques/ IST.

This meeting happened at an essential moment in my life because it enabled me to heal profound wounds I suffered from, such as psoriasis, migraines and other emotional issues such as depression and grief. All of these healing experiences have provided me with a deep understanding of the depth of the human psyche and the union between body, mind and spirit.  Thanks to all that I have experienced personally on my healing journey, I feel qualified to accompany and help people who are also on their own journey and quest to heal their wounds and blockages.

I opened my private practice in 2010 in Madrid and support individuals and couples on a regular, weekly basis. For people who live abroad, I offer Skype sessions which are also extremely effective.

I have concluded the four years training in Gestalt Psychotherapy in Madrid and for over 12 years in the Inner Space Techniques with the Clairvision School in Australia and California. Furthermore, I completed a Master Degree in Sexuality and Couples Therapy here in Spain, and I am currently taking a Psychology degree at the Open University in the UK.

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  • Master in Sexual and Couple Therapy, Foundation Sexpol, Madrid.
  • BSC Honour Psychology, Open University, UK. (at present).
  • IST Therapist, trained with the Clairvision School, USA.
  • Gestalt Therapist, trained with the Institute of Gestalt Psychotherapy, Madrid.
  • Yoga Teacher, graduate with the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta School, Canada

Adherent member of the Gestalt Therapy Association AETG.

Member of the British Psychological Society. Nr: 445433

I abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. My registration number with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) is ZA479904