Couple therapy is an enriching encounter between the couple and the professional that helps you to understand yourself and your partner better and to understand how to resolve any conflicts that your relationship – which has its own roles, problems and beliefs – is experiencing, I delicately and respectfully accompany my clients in their sexual and
sentimental recovery to help the progress to a deeper level.

When to go to a couples therapy?

There are many reasons why a couple can go to therapy, but usually, the most frequent are:

  • Communication and listening problems
  • Difficulties and sexual dysfunctions
  • Being absent or stonewalling
  • Lack of confidence and empathy
  • Separation and mourning
  • Fertility problems
  • Stress, anxiety, guilt and shame
  • Commitment problems
  • Different models of relationships
  • Addiction to porn and sex

The benefits of Couples Therapy?

During couple therapy, my job is to encourage couples to envisage new possibilities in their relationship using self-awareness tools. Couple therapy focusses on seeing the difficulties which the couple is currently encountering. However, an essential part is to recognise the positive qualities of the relationship offer. You will improve communication and listening skills and, above all, you will learn to put yourself in the “skin” of the other person in order to understand their vision, their reasoning and their emotions. The goal is to

  • Learn techniques to improve your communication and listening skills.
  • Identify and reinforce the healthy parts of your relationship.
  • Learn procedures for resolving conflicts.
  • Work on self-awareness to be more aware of your relationship.
  • Learn and understand how to become more empathetic.
  • Become aware of each partner’s fear-based insecurities and how they affect your relationship.
  • Recognise your anger and criticism in order to give it a constructive outlet.

…shine a light on stagnant emotions, making me realise how these affect my energy, my physical body, my sexuality, my relationships with my partner and other people…

Marina. L

Other types of Therapies:

To love is not only to love, it is mainly to comprehend.
Francoise Sagan

I have been helping and guiding couples over the last four years to rediscover themselves. Success depends on you. Shall we talk?