How therapy sessions work

How long and how much are the sessions?

The sessions can last between 1h and 3h, depending on the type of therapy, the problem the client’s faces and whether the sessions are done over Skype or in person…Therefore, the prices will vary in this regard and in our first meeting over email and phone, we will deal with this topic.

Private online Skype or face to face sessions?

One of the advantages offered by new technologies is the possibility of working online. I have been using both options, in person and online, over several years and I can say that both work equally well. Skype offers us the opportunity to work together, being in two different points of Spain or the world.

How many sessions will I/we need?

It is difficult to predict the number of sessions required, because it depends on the severity and on the nature of the problem.

Each person and couple is unique, everyone has a different backgrounds and life experiences and is in a particular state of personal development, and therefore each therapeutic process should be tailored and adjusted to each individual and couple in order to achieve satisfactory results.