Welcome to an alternative holistic therapy which treats the individual by considering his or her physical, psychological, spiritual, social, energetic and sexual components as a whole.

Alex Kroll holistic therapist MadridWhen you are going through a difficult time of personal crisis, relationship or sexual problems, anxiety, stress, depression, pain in different parts of the body, rigid structures or “armour” and blockages, the best way to resolve them is through a therapeutic focus which encompasses body, mind and spirit.

Human beings have the capacity to heal themselves, through an introspection in which the light transforms the darkness.

My therapy is based precisely on this, on an inner space of meditation, which opens up broader states of awareness and totally new experiences for each individual. That leads to a more direct understanding of the potential of the human psyche and the way it has been ‘atrociously” conditioned.

It would be a pleasure for me to help you on this path towards self-awareness. Allow yourself to be surprised by the depth of your inner self and you will see that your inner world is a true adventure.

The psychologist Carl G. Jung once said, ‘Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakens’


Couple therapy is an enriching encounter between the couple and the professional which helps us to better understand ourselves and our partner.

sex therapy


Sex therapy helps the individual and the couple to enjoy a more fulfilling sex life and to be in touch with their body and their mind. Enjoy your sexuality.

gestalt therapy


Gestalt psychotherapy is one of the principal foundations of my therapeutic approach. Each person is special and possesses a unique essence.


The Inner Space methodology is based on the third eye meditation and integrates modalities of regression, metaphysics and psychosomatic experiences.


There are different online therapy modalities out there such as speaking with a therapist via phone, email, text message or seeing the professional face to face via a webcam. Online therapy is efficient, fast and consumer friendly. Privacy and confidentiality is key to my private practice and therefore, I also work only via email and video conference to be able to see each other.