I was born in Bavaria, Germany in 1970. At the age of 23, I left Germany to travel and see the world. My first exploration into personal development and meditation was via Buddhism in 2001. I spent two years studying this approach until I came into contact with other Eastern traditions – Hatha and Ayurveda yoga- which led me to Kerala in India in order to delve deeper into their theory and practice. I also spent two years learning about shamanic medicine in Brazil and Uruguay.

In 2006, I met Samuel Sagan in Australia. He is the founder of the Clairvision international school of meditation, and also the person who developed the therapeutic methodology of Inner Space Techniques/ IST.

This meeting happened at an essential moment in my life because it enabled me to heal profound wounds I suffered from, such as psoriasis, migraines and other emotional issues such as depression and grief. All of these healing experiences have provided me with a deep understanding of the depth of the human psyche and the union between body, mind and spirit.  Thanks to all that I have experienced personally on my healing journey, I feel qualified to accompany and help people who are also on their own journey and quest to heal their wounds and blockages.

I opened my private office of Inner Space Holistic Therapy  in 2010 in Madrid and support individuals and couples on a regular, weekly basis. For people who live abroad, I offer Skype sessions which are also extremely effective.

I have concluded the four years training in Gestalt Psychotherapy in Madrid and for over 12 years in the Inner Space Techniques with the Clairvision School in Australia and California. Furthermore, I completed a Master Degree in Sexuality and Couples Therapy here in Spain, and I am currently taking a Psychology degree at the Open University in the UK.

I have written an ebook and several articles that are available to read on my blog.

The ebook ‘A new way to work your muscle shells and its benefits in your health and sexuality‘, which you can download for free on my website, presents a new way of working with the body and emotions to facilitate better health and sexual life through Holistic Therapy.

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  • Master in Sexual and Couple Therapy, Foundation Sexpol, Madrid.
  • BSC Honour Psychology, Open University, UK. (at present).
  • IST Therapist, trained with the Clairvision School, USA.
  • Gestalt Therapist, trained with the Institute of Gestalt Psychotherapy, Madrid.
  • Yoga Teacher, graduate with the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta School, Canada

Adherent member of the Gestalt Therapy Association AETG.

Member of the British Psychological Society. Nr: 445433

I abide by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2018. My registration number with the ICO (Information Commissioners Office) is ZA479904