Inner Space Techniques

Inner Space Techniques (IST) are a meditation-based therapy integrating the whole human system (body, energy, emotions, mind and spirit). It offers a profound healing modality of emotional issues, mental distress and psychosomatic illnesses at source level.


However, the capacity to reconnect with your real power and true essence stands out in this holistic approach.


IST were developed by Dr. Samuel Sagan and refined over 20 years by his multidisciplinary team of physicians, psychologists and therapists.


Samuel Sagan is the founder of the international meditation school based in San Francisco, California.

It will be your personal hero’s journey

Inner Space Techniques offer multiple benefits:

This journey within you will be a new and enriching experience in your life. You will discover and experience first hand more subtle and purer states of awareness. These direct experiences will bring about a profound change in your attitude and you will see life with new, clearer and healthier eyes.


> You will relax more deeply

> You will regenerate more vital energy

> You will gain greater mental clarity

> You will increase your levels of concentration and focus

> You will reduce your levels of stress, anxiety and insomnia

> You will let go of stagnant, reactive and hidden emotions

> You will purify your neurotic mental states

> You will reconnect with your inner child and its qualities

> You will learn to live more in the ‘here and now’

> You will learn to meditate

> You will reconnect with your true wisdom

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