New technologies have changed the way we relate to each other and online therapy is one of them. There are different methods of online therapy, such as talking to a therapist by phone, email, text message and via videoconference via Skype, for example.

Online therapy is efficient, fast and client-friendly.

My style of therapy is completely different from other therapeutic methods. Over the past 13 years, I have been trained in meditation techniques that integrate a body-energy-mind-spirit therapeutic approach. For me, it is important to see my clients online visually throughout the sessions to perceive their body movements, facial expressions and emotions.

Individual Therapy generally takes 1 hour and a half and clients will need a quiet and safe space where they can lie down and allow them to freely open up to their emotions and inner sensations.

Couples Therapy, the sessions last 1 hour and a half and are completely different from individual therapy, couples will be seated together so I can see both, this allows me to see deeper aspects of their behavior as a couple.

Privacy and confidentiality are keys to my private practice and, therefore, I only work using videoconferencing via Skype, which allows us to see ourselves in our natural and professional environment.

When to go to online therapy?

In our increasingly fast society, where time has a significant value, online therapy helps to save and value time more. New technologies make access relatively easy between client and therapist.

  • If you travel a lot around the world, online therapy is just a click away from your computer or smartphone.  
  • If you live in remote places and need to drive a long way to see a therapist.
  • If you prefer to save time and continue in the comfort of your space. New technologies make access relatively easy between client and therapist.

But if you suffer from severe situations such as suicidal tendency or episode of psychosis or serious mental illness, it is better to use the traditional method and see a therapist face to face.

The benefits of receiving online therapy?

Online therapy has additional benefits to face-to-face sessions, as it allows the client to attend sessions more regularly, and is more receptive and less intimidated than traditional sessions.

  • Relieve the anguish, anxiety or worries experienced by a client when he or she begins therapy.
  • Comfort and Time Saving.
  • Learning to relax, breathe and meditate.
  • To be filled with vital, sexual and spiritual energy.
  • Reconnect with oneself through integration, look inside.
  • Learn communication techniques for a healthier/natural dialogue.

You will be surprised by all the new sensations that arise from the depths of your psyche. It’s like learning a new language. Expect surprises.

Other  types of  Therapies:

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