Receive an excellent service and great outcome

You can choose from different services:

  • 1:1
  • Update your Relationship
  • Hero’s Week/Month
  • One Year Training

Clarity, simplicity, straight forward.


Choose your plan

  • 1:1

    • Welcome to your 1:1 Online session with Alex Kroll
    • Experience excellent service
    • Feel the power of opening and healing
    • Reconnect with deeper parts of yourself
    • Send an email ‘1:1’ to 
    • And receive the session in the next 14 days
    • Pricing: 200 euros/2h or 150 euros/1.5 hours

  • Update your Relationship

    • Welcome to your Couple Mini-Retreat Online
    • 2 days or 4 sessions and each goes for 3 hours
    • You receive an outstanding service
    • You will be treated with respect, expertise and wisdom
    • Pricing: 1800 euros for all 4 sessions
    • Please send an email ‘Update your Relationship’ to
    • And receive the first session in the next 14 days

    Pricing: 1800 euros 

  • One Year Training

    • Train your mind, heart and body with Alex Kroll.
    • This training is peerless for unique people.
    • Coming soon with more details…..

  • Hero Week/Month

    • Welcome to YOUR  personalized Retreat. 7 to 30 days with me in which we will work in 360º and 24/7
    • First, we will have a free online interview to get to know each other, so that you can explain to me what you are looking for, what you need and what problems you want to solve
    • Then, I will prepare a personalised programme for You
    • I help you: Through various tools of psychology, bioenergetics, alternative medicine, Yogic science, meditation, coaching, mentoring and Inner Space therapy
    • Your life will take on another dimension after this week/month.
    • New levels of your energy and consciousness will manifest in this retreat
    • You will experience new states of being, healing and awakening
    • You will reduce your levels of stress, anxiety and insomnia
    • You will release stagnant, reactive and hidden emotions
    • You will purify some neurotic states of mind
    • You will detect your limiting beliefs and learn to transcend them
    • You will regenerate more vital energy
    • You will obtain greater mental clarity
    • You will increase your positive qualities, confidence and more self-esteem
    • You will reconnect with more inner wisdom
    • This retreat is unique, just like YOU
    • Where: in Marbella/Spain or your town/place
      Does not include travel, accommodation, food, transport.
    • Please send an email ‘Hero’s Week/Month’ to and receive an interview with me in the next 72 hours.


    Starting with 10 sessions 1:1 up to 50 sessions…