Hello, we are in our third week talking about Sex Education, and so far we talked about topics such as "Your sex is yours" and “female and male psychoerotism”. This Sex Friday, I have chosen the book The Multiorgasmic Woman, by Mantak Chia and Rachel Carlton Abrams, for several reasons. First, I chose it because my final thesis is directed towards how to awaken and cultivate the "chi" energy and the sexual energy "jing chi" to obtain more satisfaction, desire and pleasure in the personal and sexual sphere. Another reason to study this book is my personal interest with regard to the pleasure in women and, on the other hand, on a professional level so that I may better offer help and tools to women so they may deal with their frustration and suffering in their sexual experiences. In addition, this was my choice due to my interest in investigating the concept of being multi-orgasmic, both in women and men, through the approach presented by the two authors. In this sense, there is also the work 'The multi-orgasmic Men' by the same author that also appeals to me.

Hello, as I promised this week we will give below our series of "Sex Education: talking about sex naturally", in my first post I spoke about the book of the great sexologist Sylvia Béjar, "The sex is yours". For this week I'm going to talk about the author Fina Sanz in one of her books that caught my attention that is female and male psychoerotism, where the author talks about the relationship between the body, sexuality and spirituality with a humanistic approach integrating being at the holistic level.