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From my personal experience, I can say that Alex is exceptional, both as a person and as a professional.If there’s one thing which makes him stand out as an excellent therapist it is his level of sensitivity, the empathy with which he connects with his client, sharing the journey.

Getting involved, guiding with affection, in an inward process where connecting what you might fear does not have to be a negative experience but quite the opposite. It becomes liberating.

Alex helps you to see for yourself the issues that affect you and to understand them. And with his extensive experience and his sensitive and humane approach, his kindness, he teaches you to observe the situations you find yourself in from a perspective of greater understanding.

I have no hesitation in recommending Alex as a therapist to anyone, because just knowing him and being with him will fill you with optimism and joy.”


A therapy which goes as deep as your inner space itself, together with Alex’ tremendous gentleness and sensitivity; I think it’s the perfect combination. I had spent years looking for a path to find myself, without really knowing how or what I was looking for, trying lots of different methods of self-awareness but not finding anything that seemed really effective. And when I discovered this technique I knew I’d found what I was looking for.

The IST sessions have allowed me to delve into my darkness, into my fears and my deep and unconscious blockages, and shine a light on stagnant emotions, making me realise how these affect my energy, my physical body, my sexuality, my relationships with people and, in short, my vitality, and stop me from being who I really am. But what I most like about this therapy is that it not only releases blockages, but that it
has also allowed me to connect with inner forces which clearly show me a larger part of myself and which without doubt empower me.

All of this work is enabling me to acquire a really profound connection with myself, with that part of myself which I had forgotten about, and whose enormous potential I was unaware of, although I sensed it intuitively.

Forever grateful, Alex, for your skill, your integrity and your dedication.
I fully recommend this experience.”

Testimonial IST session therapy


I met Alex about six years ago, was attracted by his penetrating gaze and knew that there was something in him which could help me. I have always felt the call of self-awareness, personal work and the connection with the divine.

We started to work with IST sessions in which I began to journey back to my past and review the unfinished business which had been put to one side and was restricting me in the present. I was able to put a name to traumas and experiences which I couldn’t face up to on my own. Confronting the dragons was really hard but there was a reward in the form of light, joy and understanding.

The sessions with Alex have enabled me to broaden my state of being and I have been able to enjoy wonderful metaphysical experiences in which the object and the subject have fused together profoundly to the point where I felt at one with God. Therapy with Alex intensifies my energy and takes me to states of high voltage that I have rarely experienced when meditating on my own.

Alex is a therapist trained in a variety of disciplines and that is why his sessions can encompass many of the needs of a human being. He lives and processes what he teaches and so the act of observing him and sharing with him is a teaching in itself. I can safely say that today I am a more loving person, freer and more aware of myself, and that Alex has played and still plays a fundamental role in that.”

business analyst

The inner space techniques are incredible. Alex can hold a certain space, in which it didn’t take much for me to let go and dive into the inner parts of my psyche. A deep opening to my vulnerability magically allowed me to feel rivers of life force between those vulnerable parts.

Guided by Alex I tuned into the aliveness of those energetic streams inside me. I loved it. A recharging with an incredible well-being and richness of life took place and I arrived at a deep knowing: Life is engaged in allowing and opening, doing and giving. Thank you Alex.


I’m grateful to Alex for showing me the power of inner space techniques. I have discovered a new therapeutic approach that opens out a broad path leading to the world of dreams and universal archetypes. The therapy focuses on the unconscious area where each person makes their own associations regarding symbolic elements that arise. This is to decipher the hieroglyphs and give them personal meaning as the symbols have a latent content related to censored desires.

Via the Inner Space Therapy I have discovered hidden parts within my own essence. I’ve been able to run among wild wolves and feel the purest friendship. I have found my strength and discovered how I was subjected to slavery. I have reconciled with the beauty of the game and seduction. I’ve managed to be powerful and feared. I have been a steadfast and a firm rock, as well as many other wonderful things.”


After six years of trying to get pregnant and using different methods, including assisted reproduction, in June 2011 I began to try the inner space techniques, IST and in November 2011 I got pregnant naturally. It is said that there are no coincidences and the fact is that my pregnancy has coincided in space and in time with the use of this technique.

I am able to sum up my experience by saying with this technique you enter a deep state of relaxation and meditation, then images and feelings come to the surface that have always been inside you (soul, spirit, unconscious,,,,,), although you may not know it but maybe if you sense it, it becomes conscious in mind. Thus what worries you in some way or is blocked comes to light, to the conscious world to be released, to be cleaned and to be removed, leaving space and giving coherence to many things.

One thing that remains clear to me is that with this therapy it does not matter whether the sensations, images, feelings and experiences that come to light, are true or not, have lived or not lived, whether from this life or from others or are metaphors of the reality, it’s the same. The important thing is, that if something emerges, some way or somehow, it is in you, you’re stuck, disturbed and you don’t let yourself go with the flow or let yourself live. Thanks to the inner space techniques, IST, it manifests itself in a simple way and the only thing you have to do is to let yourself go.”

account director, publicity

Alex is an extremely gifted person, a gift from the gods! I met him more than three years ago and that encounter changed my life immeasurably.

Since he introduced me to the inner space techniques I am no longer the same person…..my interior world has grown so much that I hardly recognise myself, I am free from my old pains and suffering. I invite you to throw yourself into the depth of these techniques and with Alex’s sincerity and skill, expect surprises!”

art therapist

I began to work with Alex in 2007, not because of any personal aspect to cure but because of a certain curiosity. Such was my surprise when I began to explore the inner space therapy which was followed by a universe of sensations and emotions which opened up before me and spoke to me concerning certain aspects of my life which I had blocked off.

He has helped me to get to know myself and understand myself better, as well as believing in my own capabilities. The list goes on…

I love the magic which is created in every session and the gentleness and tact shown by Alex who is constantly attentive to your needs.

Whichever you look at it, it is a worthwhile edifying experience.”


Starting down the path of therapy with Alex is an extraordinary experience. And I say that literally because you submerge yourself in parts of your inner self where I never thought I would go.

The journey is unique, like our inner self, and you will experience moments of incredible peace and love and others which are really hard. But you always feel Alex there, by your side, supporting you, accompanying you.

Moments which are unique and impossible to describe until you experience them for yourself and which make me progress, learn and grow, little by little.”