Inner Space Therapy

Inner Space Therapy/Techniques is an alternative therapy to access your unconscious and release emotional blocks and live higher states of consciousness.

The Inner Space Techniques (IST) have been developed over 25 years by Dr.Samuel Sagan and his multidisciplinary team consisting of doctors, psychologists and therapists.

This methodology provides the ability to reach both the origin of the blockage and heal it as well as to find the qualities of your Higher Self. The client begins in the outer layers of thought, emotions or behavior and goes to the inner roots of the psyche, reaching this point allows the release of important emotional and energy burdens.

The benefits of the Inner Space Therapy

Thanks to this approach we can access deep memories hidden in the subconscious. Reliving these experiences brings clarity and insight and the opportunity to embrace our true nature step by step.

As well, the client learns to:

  • Relax in depth and feel more energy and thus recover more vitality.
  • Decrease levels of anxiety, stress and insomnia.
  • Liberate of emotional blocks
  • Change the mental conditioning and the neurotic behavior thanks to the inner vision that brings clarity.
  • Meditate and experience higher states of consciousness.
  • Reconnect with the inner child and his spontaneity
  • Find more calm, peace and concentration to face the the frantic life/society.
  • Live more in the here now.

This voyage to the depth of your psyche will be a new enriching experience in your life. And above all, your direct experience of these deep states of consciousness make you understand, see and feel a new way to live your life, full of joy and life force.

Alex is an extremely gifted person, a gift from the gods! I met him more than three years ago and that encounter changed my life immeasurably.

Since he introduced me to the inner space techniques I am no longer the same person… interior world has grown so much that I hardly recognise myself, I am free from my old pains and suffering. I invite you to throw yourself into the depth of these techniques and with Alex’s sincerity and skill, expect surprises!

Alice. M

I’m grateful to Alex for showing me the power of inner space techniques. I have discovered a new therapeutic approach that opens out a broad path leading to the world of dreams and universal archetypes. The therapy focuses on the unconscious area where each person makes their own associations regarding symbolic elements that arise. This is to decipher the hieroglyphs and give them personal meaning as the symbols have a latent content related to censored desires.

Via the Inner Space Therapy I have discovered hidden parts within my own essence. I’ve been able to run among wild wolves and feel the purest friendship. I have found my strength and discovered how I was subjected to slavery. I have reconciled with the beauty of the game and seduction. I’ve managed to be powerful and feared. I have been a steadfast and a firm rock, as well as many other wonderful things.

Noemi. N

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